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Affiche-Slaviart3 – 13 September 2015 an exhibition of works of Dmitry Strelkov "Mechanism of Perception" took place at 40, Rue Quincampoix in Paris. The exhibition was visited by many connoisseurs of contemporary painting such as collectors, journalists and people who are interested in the new events in the art world.


"Mechanisms of perception is a dominant concept for the artist in the course of his work, and for the viewer, which is in communication with the works of art, aims to understand their essence.
Keen perception helps the artist to create a custom tool, fully reflects the surrounding reality, and, what is more important, its world internal, unique and unlike anything the world.
On the other hand the mechanism of perception can become as the bridge and so the abyss between the artist and the viewer. If the viewer for various reasons can not perceive what the artist creates, his work may forever remain "terra incognita" ..."

Artist Dmitry Strelkov expects to see in his spectators not only an ally but also a collaborator, who is ready to take a fresh look, learn and discover new things in his paintings!

Dmitry Strelkov is well-known Moscow painter working in the abstract genre.

Dmitry Strelkov: "For me, the true creative freedom, the essence of art in its purest form is an abstraction! But during more than a century of abstract all basic directions in this art seems to have already been defined. Therefore, many contemporary abstract artist involuntarily lose their individuality, copying in his work earlier known precursors and thereby they become stylistically similar ...
I am as an artist of the late 20th - early 21st century, absorbed the wealth of previous experience of fine arts and philosophy, including postmodernism, the concept of his work does not feel clean match any stream of abstract art, and vice versa, bundling of different stylistic trends of abstract art. His style I call Abstract eclecticism.
Saturation of the plane picture of diverse painting techniques, textures and textures combined with the expressive, dynamic compositional structure allows me to create a special, unique multidimensional world, to see, to learn and to know that it is possible as a whole at a distance, and peering into every centimetre of the image. "


Photos of The Exhibition