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Name: Tatyana Zakharova

Born in: 

Country: Russia

Genre: Abstraction

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Tatiana Zakharova was born in Leningrad, Russia. She graduated from the School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander von Stieglitz (formerly known as Leningrad Higher School of Art and Industry). She is among the participant of exhibitions in St-Petersburg, Moscow and abroad. She is also a member of the Artist union. She is the founder of the art-group called Blue orange.

Selected exhibitions:

- Over 10 years in Michaylov Gallery, St-Petersburg

- Exhibition of Portrets, gallery "ЛиговЪ",

- Group exhibitions in art cafe "Brodiachaja sobaka", art centre "Pushkinskaya 10", Chaplin club and Museum of bread The Union IFA St-Petersburg ( in the Central House of Artists on Krimskiy Va), Manege Moscow with gallery Michaylov, Munich and group exhibitions with art-group Blue orange, St-Petersburg


'It is not easy to write about your own creativity. Ideas appear by chance, sometimes they ask themselves to put them on the canvas and I just follow them. I don't have any particular style or passion to a particular theme. I am interested in different subjects, techniques. Something very easy but sometimes my creativity demands a lot of efforts and researching! And at this moment fervour and great passion make it perfect! But not always I am pleased with results. 

And it is not my aim to people like me. I don't like when people say about the painting it is beautiful. They say that my works are memorable and it is very important for me'.