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Name: Braty

Born in: 

Country: Ukraine

Genre: Graphic art, collages

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Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko were born in Ukraine, the city of Nikolaev and received our post-secondary artistic education there. We graduated from the Faculty of Design of Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. We won the Grand Prix competition of young artists in the private gallery, where later our solo exhibition took place.We moved to Kiev in 2007 where we participated in various Ukrainian and international art projects.Having gained successful experience in an international company, we established our own design studio BRATY. Now works of Braty can be found in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. Braty is the winner of the Awards of graphic design «UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF 2014».




Participation in the exhibition "UKRAINE EXTRA ORDINARE" SLOW Gallery, Paris, France



Solo exhibition "THE KIEVIANER" Triptih Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine


Participation in the exhibition "THE EXHIBITION OF FINALIST UKRAINIAN DESIGN: THE VERY BEST OF" G13 Project Studio, Kiev, Ukraine


Participation in the exhibition "MAIDAN FREEDOM" Lublin, Poland


Charity project "UKRAINIAN REVOLT ALPHABET" M17 Project Studio, Kiev, Ukraine



Participation in the project "Sergei Paradjanov - the dream of the XXI century" Museum of Dreams, Kiev, Ukraine


Solo exhibition "MODY" Museum of Dreams in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine



Finalist FASHION ILLUSTRATION, Ukrainian fashion week, Mysteskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine



Participation in the project "ZHNKA WOMAN 3000" Botanic garden, Kiev, Ukraine



Participation in the project "PEOPLE AND SPARROWS" Hudgraf Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine



Solo exhibition "URBOFANTOMY" Spasskaya 45 Gallery, Nikolaev, Ukraine






Braty is an art duo of twin brothers, Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko. We make graphic design, art and everything in between. Traveling serves us as an endless source of inspiration and innovative ideas that enable us to create original and contemporary works with distinctive vision and a sense of zeitgeist. Our approach of working as a duo allows us to complement each other harmonize our
work and is also one of the key factors of our success. Our work is based on representation –liquefied, manipulated or ragmented images take on surreal and even abstract qualities – the created ambiguities invite a dialogue for interpretation. We use digitally manipulated photos, collages, and most recently, objects made of various elements such as paper, laser prints, metal, wire, branches and feathers. 


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