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Monthly Virtual Exhibitions exposes the best works of one of the SlaviArt artists during one month in 3-D gallery. Every month, one Slavic artist will be introduced on our website. You will get to know about their artworks and learn more about them as individuals through their biography.


The Monthly Virtual Exhibition


Agatha-Virtual-exhibition Agatha Belaya: "How to express on a flat canvas, the fragility of our existence, illusions, nature and reality, joy and fear and the ambiguity of our world.


For me, painting - is an attempt to reconcile materialism and the mystery inaccessible to the human mind. A special kind of magic in our lives - it is touching to see sensuality in usual things - movement of the hands, a turn of the head, and the shadow spot on the tablecloth.... sometimes the peace of God in all its glory manifests itself in the most unexpected moments. Autumn ... with her evening mists enveloping fields, rivers, trees - scenes that cannot leave anyone indifferent, and I cannot help it, I'm doing the endless attempts to express this beauty on canvas".


Agatha Belaya is the very talented russian artist, the participant of great number of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. She participated in painting murals in the newly restored Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the Znamensky Cathedral of the Virgin Mary in Kursk. Agatha believes that painting murals in those cathedrals contributed a lot not only to her artistic, but personal coming-to-be.