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Slavic paintings is still a bit detached from the world and European culture although there are appearing more and more connections between them. Painting schools of many slavic countries stand out for incredible strong technique in common with special creativity flowing from rich Slavic history and culture.


Slaviart Project is more than an art gallery. Slaviart is a community of artists and a platformе to promote Slavic contemporary art in Western Europe. Our goal is to put together everything that is connected with сontemporary Slavic art in Europe. Also on our website you can find information about Slavic classical and modern art. We have made selection of the best 12 classical and 12 modern Slavic artists and the most interesting their paintings to give a general idea about slavic painting to West European art amators.


Slaviart is a virtual and ephemeral gallery which is always presented in the virtual space and regularly conducting short exhibitions in European cities (Slaviart versnissages)


  • SlaviArt buys and sells contemporary slavic art.
  • SlaviArt offers artwork on order, copies of the slavic and world masterpieces.
  • SlaviArt buys and sells classical and modern Slavic and international art. We contribute with leading Auctioneers and help to confirm the authenticity of artworks.
  • SlaviArt helps you to get expert valuation of artworks.
  • SlaviArt established the SlaviArt Ethik Awards for the best Slavic artist of the year which opens for the winner new opportunities.
  • SlaviArt Project is opened for new contacts and cooperation.